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High-Quality Tree Service by Roy McKenzie’s Tree Service

Find tree service serving Norwalk, Sandusky, and surrounding areas at Roy McKenzie’s Tree Service. Since 2013, our licensed and fully insured owner provides effective tree services. Those services include tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning and stump grinding and removal. Rely on Roy for storm damage cleanup after a passing storm has knocked over trees or damages trees. Do not risk serious injuries by performing storm damage cleanup by yourself.

Roy does it all. He has his own equipment. None of his work is subcontracted. Roy will leave your lawn free of any debris. If you would like to learn more about our tree service, please call (419) 921-9087 today or contact us online

Putting Safety First With Tree Removal Services

Roy McKenzie’s Tree Service has the skills necessary for efficient and safe tree removal in Lorain, OH, and surrounding areas. Tree removal can be extremely risky as it carries time sensitivity along with the tree’s size and length.

If an at-risk tree is not taken care of, it could collapse and cause damage to the land. Roy guarantees his tree removal services will safely eliminate your problems.

Professional Tree Trimming for Port Clinton, OH, and Surrounding Areas

It is difficult to reach some spots on trees. Those small branches can hide behind huge branches, making them difficult to access. In addition to tree removal, Roy also provides tree trimming to Norwalk, OH, and surrounding areas. Roy will arrive on time and trim all the extra branches around your trees to make them look nice.

Stump Grinding Services in Norwalk, Sandusky, and Surrounding Areas

Once a tree stump goes down, tree removal can be challenging in Sandusky, OH, and surrounding areas. Stumps can be hazardous if left untouched. You can easily trip over them and get hurt. Along with tree removal and trimming, Roy McKenzie’s Tree Service also offers stump grinding. Roy McKenzie has the tools, skills, and experience to give your land a smooth and polished appearance.

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